Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bass Pond

  Yesterday, Tanner, Pat and I headed over to a little run off pond near us to catch some bass. We each caught a few and got some pictures off them. Should be a lot more caught from here in the next little while! Check em out!

First catch of the night...Second cast with a crank bait              
Tanner with one a little while after.
                                            Pat taking the hook out of a nice one.
There was no way Pat was going to lose this one...Couldn't even see the hook it was so far down! 
Tanner on the other side of the Pond with a bass.
                                                     Pat with another nice one.
 Threw out a frog, left my rod, came back after taking a picture of Pat and a fish, and had this guy fighting on the other end.
Tanner with the last catch of the night before heading home.

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